Sunday, August 2, 2015

Relating to the story (K.C)

I find the story of Persepolis as something that I can relate to in terms of a young girl finding her identity in a time of stress. I, too, tried to challenge what was expected of me being from a Catholic environment and sometimes would express myself beyond the degree to what I should. At that same time, I was realizing that not everything you see is the truth and that most don’t enjoy questions that challenged their selected truth. I now know as an adult that everyone has their own story; that many people can look at one thing and walk away each with their own perspective of a problem. However, as a child, I had this belief that there can only be one point of view that was the correct one.

I was raised to believe that the church provided all the answers and it was not until after that same church started treating my mother cruelly that I had distanced myself from that identity. While Marjane moved to France and was forced to overcome social and personal barriers, for me, it was simply a change of mind set. Learning to see the world without a comfort you were raised with (such as home for Marjane) felt reflective of what the graphic novel portrayed. The struggles were relatable and the reactions were human. While I could not relate to the character’s struggle, I was able to identify myself within the journey. The story is about growing up and I think that’s a tale that anyone can find themselves within. 

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