Sunday, August 2, 2015

Purpose (D.M)

The Author’s purpose for writing this novel is to show her point of view of what Iran is like rather then people going to get wrong image of it being a fundamentalists and terrorists country. Also in Persepolis book 2, you can see how she felt about herself being Iranian and That’s what inspired her most to write the graphic novel about her perspective of  what Iran is actually like and its group of terrorists who are destroying the country. She even admitted it when she had an interview from the channel calls the MovieWeb “I heard so many so many crazy thing about my Iran. People were saying thing and I was like, this is not like that and you know. that is the truth reality on TV channels and I don’t say it doesn’t exist and it does. But there is many other reality that we never see and that was really to say at least ill give you another point of view, the very personal one. just to engage my own person but this is it. that was the beginning of how I start it and of course, you know I wrote it five years after I left Iran, the second time”. 

The massage Marjane Satrapi want us as reader to take away from her graphic novel Persepolis is I believe that we are not going to mix the Iranian people with the Islamic revolution and Iran is not such a horrible country or that Iranian are all have mental anger issues problem. Speaking for myself; I do feel bad for what she gone throw and I am from middle east and I gone through the same. I was born in Iraq and I do get that type of feeling from people that middle east is full of violent and that they are at war all the time killing each other off. which is kind of true, depends on how you look at it but you can’t look at it just based on the images you see on TV.  At same time how can we not go crazy when young kids like Satrapi, the government tries to wash the kids brain and forcing to train all the young boys for war. Also not every family knew or educated their kids as much as Satrapi family did to help her out what the world is like. 

Here is the link of her interview from the movie web;


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  2. I agree with your perspective that the novel is a way to offer fresh perspective of how it's like to live in Iran. It's so easy to be casting judgement when you're the one looking in. Marjane's work does well to bring about an insightful perspective.

    Using the medium to bring about a more innocent and almost childish view to the lifestyle as well helps to approach topics that are a little touchy like this drawing: