Saturday, August 1, 2015

Persepolis Graphic Novel - How do you relate to the Memoir? (C.H.)

As an immigrant myself I related myself a lot with the second volume of Persepolis, as Marji there was a bit of a cultural shock not as big as a shock compared to the vast cultural and social differences between Iran and Austria.

In one of the first chapters Marji is improving and re-learning French since she has not used it in three years and there are some language obstacles with her somewhat rusty French and almost zero German knowledge, as the story progresses she becomes more proficient in French and gains a very good German base. Marji and Lucia had a cultural exchange where Lucia prepared a Knorr Soup, “Cream of Mushroom” which she did not like it much.

Throughout the second volume Marji struggles to find a place for her in her new society after a bit of searching she finds herself with an eccentric group of friends, a punk, two orphans, and a third-worlder, but even then after finding a group of friends Marji felt as she did not belong.

Marji often found herself alone as there were too many holidays during a regular school year, that’s when she learned a way to not be embarrassed when she had nowhere to go for vacation, so she took Momo’s advice and took on reading so that she would understand and assimilate the culture to better fit in and decided to read as a vacation.