Sunday, August 2, 2015

Outstanding scene (D.M)

Marjane Satrapi at young age was very brave and she stood up against the Islamic revolution. Even though she wanted revolution as well by imitating Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. The reason to that is because the school corrupt the kids to believe in anything what they say. After when Marjane heard  about the Islamic revolution from her parents and her uncle. When she got a clear imagine of what the Islamic revolution represent of and what they trying to do, she was no longer the same little girl who believe in the false news she heard from her teachers. Later on she start making fun of them and she was against them. Back in those days, if you actually said anything against them, it was like asking for death. Just like ISIS how they go against the Islam to fulfill their ideology and propaganda, they force kids into their camp to train them for war and show them how to behead people at such a young age. What impressed me about her and how much she developed at young age knowing the clear imagines of her country and standing up against it and that made her a lot stronger. Also the last scene when the teachers were telling the students false news about the Islamic revolution and she had the guts to speak the truth against them just to protect her from the revolution, in cased she gets caught or killed.

In addition, when that shut the teachers and made all the students realize that they all have been corrupt because of the wrong imagines of Islamic revolution they present. In the very end, still at that young age and her parents want to send her away for her safety.  

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