Sunday, August 2, 2015

Media appearances (K.C)

Apart from interviews for her upcoming films and other graphic novel works, Marjane keeps away from the media’s eye.  She does not participate in much else and, by a lack of evidence that says otherwise, keeps a life away from the public's attention. There was one occurrence, however, that brought the director and cartoonist into the limelight.

In 2009, with fellow filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf , Marjane confronted the Green Party of Iran of their election fraud. They testified to the EU Parliment to the stealing of votes in order to bring an official to win the election with a false count. Unfortunately, not much could be found on the subject, save for the video of the talk taken within the government. 

Image result for marjane satrapi green party
Marjane at the talk to the EU Parliment

A link to the video can be found HERE

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