Sunday, August 2, 2015

Marjane's Career (K.C)

Marjane published the books Persepolis 1 and Persepolis 2 between the years 2000-2001 in France. Together, the books were released under the title Persepolis: The Story of Childhood. The books were a success- brining about over two million copies sold worldwide and translated into twelve languages. Also, the novel won her the Angouleme Coup de Coeur Award at the Angouleme International Comics Festival. Perhaps it was the way that Marjane had portrayed conflict in such a difficult time or, perhaps, it was her charming portrayal of family and it’s intricate connections that allowed readers to fall in love with this work. Regardless, the memoir was seen as a huge success, even being so bold as to pave the way for other Middle East artists to pursue their storytelling in the same fashion. Lena Merhej, author of “I think we will be calmer in the next war” gave the following quotes for an article in the White Review,

“[Persepolis is] a voice for many artists who are from the Middle East, especially those who live in the diaspora and are experiencing this cultural conflict”

“[Satrapi is]a role model for empowering personal narratives of a Muslim living outside [her country] and exposed to different cultures”

Following the success of her graphic memoir, in 2007 Persepolis was created into a feature film. With her friend and co-direction, Vincent Paronnaud, they turned a form of art into a moving picture- an idea regarded by most that was regarded as a poor idea. However, it earned over 1, 400, 000 on its opening weekend in France and was even screened at the Cannes festival in 2007 and won the Jury Prize. 

Marjane accepting the Jury's award at Cannes for Persepolis

Aside from her most famous work, the artist has also released two other publications: Emroideries (graphic memoir, 2003) and Chicken with Plums (film, 2011). Both have been nominated for Angouleme album of the year with only Chicken with Plum succeeding in claiming the title as well as selected to be screened at multiple film festivals . 


Overall, Strapi’s works have been regarded as a success. She continues to pursue her passion of illustration while taking small directing roles on the side. 

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  1. thanks for this post kat! It feels so good to hear about women who come from the Middle East being successful in anything, but art especially. I wanted to see what else she had directed, but the only other thing I could find was a film she made called the Gang of the Jotas, which she also stars in. It honestly looks so ridiculous that I kind of really want to watch it, if I can find it. I don't know if you've already seen the trailer, but it's possible that just watching the trailer is enough haha. Here it is: