Sunday, August 2, 2015

How I relate to the memoir (D.M)

I am Kurdish and I was born in Iraq but During that war Majane Satrapi went through my parents or should I say the part of kurdistan iran took it over just like Iraq, Turkish and Syria took over other parts of our lands. Anyways the part of the Kurdish people lived in Iran, they moved to Iraq from not getting bombed. When I was a little kids they explain it to me that they went through hell because they had to walk from Iran in Kermashan to Iraq in Ramadi during that war. I was still lived in Ramadi when the war started between Iraq and USA. It was disaster and some people were forced by the Iraqi army to fight back the US. I was too young to join in and most kids were throw up because of fear of losing any family member or dying. As for me I was about same age as Majane Satrapi and I got to say, I was not as strong as Majane Satrapi because I was just praying to god to save me from hell. Thank god, I was one of those lucky family that Canada accepted us to move to their land. Being in those kind of situation will effect your brain. Its either destroy you as person or you gain experience and to make you a strong person as Majane Satrapi did.   

I found that image on google but thats what they went through and they because of the war between Iran and Iraq. Still to this day my people goes through this problems because of the our enemies surrounding us. A lot of people died from starving and mostly were the babies.   

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Diako! Its very moving. I'm so sorry to hear about all the hardships you've gone through, but it's very inspiring to see someone who's been through so much come through the other side. I'm an immigrant as well, so I know what its like to come from a country that is constantly in turmoil, but I can't compare my experience to yours. Recently, I read an article about the a small group of Kurds were defending their region from ISIS. The article was super comprehensive and did a good job explaining the whole situation. I'm sure you're already aware of everything thats going on, but I thought it would be worth sharing!