Sunday, August 2, 2015

Action / Color (D.M)

Violence played a big roll in Marjane life and the amount of people getting killed on black Friday. she lived during the war between Iran and Iraq, also in Iran itself was already a war. The violence of the Islamic revolution had big impact on her but that made her a lot stronger. She became used to violence after losing so many people around her. Even when her family’s friends house got bombed and her seen one of the family dead body, that is tough to go through and She keep her head up high. Even though she was going through hell in her everyday life seen people getting tortured. If you do think about it a lot of kids during the war, they mentally change and most of them were terrify and it destroyed their life. Now a lots of kid in middle east going through nightmare everyday. Specially the kids in Syria over thousands kids dying every day and most who served became refuges. They are all paralyzed and their brain are damaged. They don’t mentally think or behave the same way they did, when they had their normal life. I don’t think that every one would stay strong as Satrapo did and I don’t think that she would be this strong, if she didn’t gone through these problems. The violence Islamic revolution changed her as person.

Color :

The drawing in the book is very simplified artwork. Satrapi draws in a minimalist style of black and white in a way to understand her world and to represent what her childhood was like. Also the black and white symbolize of  what the Islamic revolution done to Iran because before them everyone were happy living in peace until they came in and they destroy everything for the Iranian people.

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