Friday, July 31, 2015

How I relate to the Persepolis (U.G)

I believe Persepolis is quite easy to relate for me, as I come from a very religious background, where women wore the veil as part of their daily life. This in particular is something that I often saw in my home when my sisters would argue with my mother over not wearing it. Also, I was born in Pakistan and lived 10 years of my life there, so the school that I attended was segregated and I always felt that it was unnecessary especially at that young age. I too used to argue with my parents regarding useless rules that were followed in school, similar to Marjane in her childhood. And my parents like Marjane's would tell me to just follow them. My sister on the other hand was quite stubborn, when it would come to follow the rules she didn't like, she would make a big fuss about it. I relate quite a bit to the family of Marjane and how imaginative Marjane was. 
I remember as a young boy, I too would imagine (although it felt real at that time) that I am being visited by spiritual beings. Marjane used to talk to God, whereas I would talk to Angels.
Also, Pakistan was and still is in quite bad shape, politically speaking. So, there were lots of strikes and raids in my childhood too, and the sense of fear was always there whenever stepping out of the house.
Persepolis has a lot topics that I can easily relate to, including the ones I have mentioned above.

Interesting clip of Pakistan from the 1990s (D'ORSO, 2008).Pakistan


D'ORSO, C. (2008). Karachi (Pakistan) 1990. Retrieved from Youtube:

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  1. Marjane talks about how she made the Pesepolis the film and her thought process. Very interesting.