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Adult life of Marjane Satrapi (U.G)

Marjane Satrapi
At the age of eighteen, Marjane moved to Tehran to attend college and had a difficult time adjusting to the veil obligation. Tehran was much changed from before for Marjane, there was religious police out on the street, which often would raid westernized parties. Upon completion of her college, Marjane moved to France, where she completed her studies in Art (Marjane Satrapi Biography, 2015).

Marjane made several friends in Paris, who were part of the Atelier des Vosges (artist's studio) and these friends introduced Marjane to graphic novels. 
Marjane, started reading  Art Spiegelman's graphic novel called "Maus". This novel made Marjane realize that she could tell stories and make serious points along the way as well (Hattenstone, 2008).

Marjane met with David Beauchard, who is a French comics artist and he soon became her mentor and teacher (Hattenstone, 2008).

David Beauchard at the comic salon in 2014.
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Marjane at the age of 21 met a man named Reza, who was a 
Veteran of the Iran-Iraq war. She soon married him, but divorced him for unknown reasons (Luebering, 2015). 

Currently Marjane lives in Paris and is married to Mattias Ripa, who is of Swedish nationality. Marjane speaks many languages including Persian, French, English, Swedish, German, and Italian (Luebering, 2015).

Marjane Satrapi and Mattias Ripa
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Marjane also starred in a movie called "The Gang of the Jotas" in 2012. She was the director and writer of the film and the actress as well (The Gang of the Jotas, 2012).

Here is a link to the trailer of her movie The Gang of the Jotas

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  1. An Amazing transformation scene from Persepolis the film. This select scene shows Marjane transforming from a child to an adult.